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Hank Petrello is not a one man show, but a team of specialists: scouts, contest winning handicappers and system analysts working every day to find the best edges. We watch game tapes, sift the data, earmark the stickout plays.

We ask the key questions:

  • Who did they beat?
  • What injuries went unannounced?

We compensate for bad bounces, points in garbage time. I’m sure most of you do not have time to follow this kind of information on a daily basis, let alone on a weekly basis. We are also talking about acquiring critical information from key informants.

Insider's Club Basketball
Need the Top 2-4 Games in Basketball Nightly?  Well, Hank Petrello can supply that to you.  His #1 Money-making Sport is Basketball.  Whether it's College Basketball or the NBA there is no other source you need when it comes to ATS Winners than Hank Petrello.  Try Hank's Most Popular Plan 7 Day Trial for just $99.  Click Here!

Basketball Highroller Club
$10/unit players Up nearly $32,000 in Last 30 Days!
$5/unit players Up nearly $16,000 Last 30 Days!

Hank's Biggest Money-Makers come straight from his Highroller Club.   And the CLUB is ROLLING.  Since the opening Tip Hank has won 6 out of 7 Week's in Basketball averaging right around +890 Net Units Per Week.  And Yes that means that Hank's clients betting $5 per unit are averaging nearly $4,100 per week on the Highroller Club. These plays are Hank's Personal Best nightly.  Hank releases between 2-5 games nightly on the Highroller Club.   If you want to receive your plays via text or email then simply call 1-888-580-5854 or email Hank @ services@hankwins.com

Private Club +2780 Units LAST WEEK!

Hank's Private Club is for the serious player that is patient and who can Bet BIG and WIN BIG by waiting for Hank's Special Source Games rated From 100* - 200*.  We are talking about MEGA PLAYS that are currently 76-24 OVERALL in ALL SPORTS the past 2 Months.  Each Week Hank's Private Club in Basketball will usually bring 9-10 Monster Private Plays to the table.  Some Week's it may be more, but when it's all said and done - Hank will WIN.  And when you make +2780 Units Like Hank did Last Week you can see why so many serious Players Join the Club.   For a Special Discounted Rate or to work on Commission with Hank feel free to call Hank at 1-888-580-5854.

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  • Basketball INSIDER CLUB
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    Need the Best Games to bet on in either College or NBA each night - then you have come to the right place.  Each Day Hank will have anywhere from 3-5 Top-Rated games and whether you choose to hit his biggest releases or play them ALL expect at least 64% on Hank's Insider Basketball Plays. Get Top 3-5 Plays!
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    Highroller Club is Simply Making Basketball Clients a Small Fortune!  $10/unit players have made over $30k in January Alone.

    This is Hank's Absolute Top Information Plays on the Weekly Service.  Whether it's 3 Games or 8 Games on a particular Day, Highroller Members get Access to it ALL.  Hankwins.com Highroller Club is averaging +890 Units per week since Basketball Tipped off.  Get Ready for a Huge Winning Run Through March Madness (37-11 Last Year).  For a Season Discounted Plan Call Hank at 1-888-580-5854.

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    If you are patient and can wait for the Absolute Strongest Information to surface daily then you will want to be a part of the Exclusive Private Club with Hank.  These are the same games he plays BIG and for FULL 100% Documentation feel free to call Hank direct and he will show you these Large Wagers he and clients place each and every day in accounts!  Highlights the The Past 6 Week's in Hoops are below:

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